West Coast Swing Helsinki

Instructors and Judges

Kyle Redd & Sarah vann Drake

Kyle and Sarah are five time NASDE Champions, eight time Grand Nationals Champions and they possess eleven US Open titles! They've competed, taught, choreographed, judged, and performed together for twelve years. They are the only dancing couple who own both US Open Showcase and Classic titles on the same year.

Get more info about Kyle & Sarah on their website http://www.kylesarah.com/about-us/.

Rake Salo & Daria Alexeeva

Rake is the first Finnish Allstar, and every Finnish west coast swing dancer knows him. Daria is from Russia and a fresh All Star. Their mutual journey, which has just begun, has already taken them around Europe and Finland.

Haider Khan & Aly Yorek

Haider and Aly are from Denver, U.S.A. They both compete on the Allstar floors and are actively involved in developing the community at home.


Register by emailing your name, pass type (see below), dance role, and competition entries to westcoastswinghelsinki@gmail.com. We will reply with further instructions.

Pass Options

The following weekend passes include workshops and parties. Competition fees are not included.

There might be a queue for sole followers, so try to find a leader to register with!

Finnish Residents

Prices go up every 30 dancers.

  1. 100€ (SOLD OUT)
  2. 120€ (SOLD OUT)
  3. 130€
  4. 140€
  5. 150€

International Guests

Other Continents
  • Early Bird 100€ (before 1.6.2017)
  • Bird 110€ (before 1.9.2017)
  • Last bird 130€

Day Passes

  • Fri 50€
  • Sat 70€
  • Sun 60€

All Inclusive Pass 255€

  • Weekend Pass
  • Extra workshop with Sarah Vann Drake and Kyle Redd on Friday
  • Accommodation in the event hotel for Friday-Sunday nights in a shared room. Let us know if you're coming as a group. Otherwise we will find you roommates. Also, let us know if you need extra nights.
  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday

Advanced and Allstars


First 7 leaders and 7 followers get free Weekend Passes (competition fee not included). After that, price is the same as it is for everybody else.





Breakfast club is finally true in Finland. This year, we shall party through the night until breakfast.

Sofia is a relaxed retro-style affordable event venue with bed and breakfast, by the sea. There are saunas by the sea as well as indoors with a pool, where also those without a hotel room are welcome to join.

Hotel room for two costs 70€ per person for Fri-Sun, including breakfast, parking and WiFi. Contact westcoastswinghelsinki@gmail.com to book a room.



query_builder 17:00-23:00 Registration and info are open Lobby
query_builder 17:30-19:30 Extra workshop - Kyle & Sarah (ONLY with All Inclusive pass) Ballroom 2
query_builder 17:30-19:00 Open dancing Ballroom 1
query_builder 19:00-19:45 All level workshop - Haider & Aly Ballroom 1
query_builder 20:00-21:00 All level workshop - Kyle & Sarah Ballroom 1
query_builder 21:00- Retro Friday - dinner, sauna and pool party Retro club / pool area


query_builder 9:30-15:00 Registration and competition registration Lobby
query_builder 10:00 Level 2 audition (open for everyone) Ballroom 2
query_builder 11:00-13:00
Level 1 workshop - Haider & Aly
Level 2 workshop - Rake & Daria
Ballroom 1
Ballroom 2
query_builder 13:00-14:00 Lunch
query_builder 14:00-15:00
Level 1 workshop - Kyle & Sarah
Level 2 workshop - Haider & Aly
Ballroom 1
Ballroom 2
query_builder 15:00-16:00
Level 1 workshop - Rake & Daria
Level 2 workshop - Kyle & Sarah
Ballroom 1
Ballroom 2
query_builder 16:00-16:30 Swing & Swing Content theory - Kyle & Sarah Ballroom 1
query_builder 17:00-19:00 Dinner break / open dancing
query_builder 19:00-23:00 Social dancing / Jack 'n' Jill competition
19:00 Newcome and Novice JnJ prelims
20:30 Intermediate JnJ semi-finals
22:00 All JnJ competition finals
Competitors be there 15 minutes earlier for marshalling!
query_builder 0:30 Awards / Pro Show
query_builder 23:00- Dancing till breakfast (sauna is open)


query_builder 11:00-13:00
Level 1 workshop - Rake & Daria
Level 2 workshop - Haider & Aly
Ballroom 1
Ballroom 2
query_builder 13:00-14:00 Lunch
query_builder 14:00-16:00 All level workshop - Kyle & Sarah Ballroom 1
query_builder 16:00 Dinner
query_builder 18:00 After party / chilling Retro club

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